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Arrow The exhaust system and catalytic converter Should not be over looked when you first start trying to gain better performance. I have seen too many catalytic converters get backed up, a lot of time people that first buy a 307 powered car and complain about its performance will find that most of the performance lose was from a backed up catalytic converter. A set of duals with the least amount of restriction is best, headers are great also. Removing the catalytic converter will unleash some power but some of us have emission test to pass. If you do not have emission test to pass and you are finding your catalytic converter is getting clogged or just want a little better performance out of a stock system there is a fast way to hollow out your catalytic converter while its still on the car and heres how -
 1. To gut the catalytic converter while on the car you should use a dust mask, its not going to harm you if you only have one exposure, but it can hurt you after a few and if you have a bad respitory system then it is very important to wear a dust mask.
 2. Disconnect the exhaust pipe from the rear of the catalytic converter and move it aside
 3. While the catalytic converter is still connected to the car jam a large flat head or crow bar up the rear of the cat.
 4. After doing alittle damage inside the cat by jaming and stabing, start the car and rev it full throttle once or twice to blow the chunks out then shut the engine off
 5. Again jam in the rear of the cat some more then start the engine and blow the junk out, Keep doing this intill you have cleaned the whole catalytic converter out then reconnect the exhaust pipe on the rear of the cat and live happy ever after!

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