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LightbulbYou can build a cold air induction breather box that will out flow your stock box and pull cold air. You will notice the power improvement! The picture above on the left is a dual snorkle breather box it costed 15 bucks total to build and works wonderful, you can really hear the carb when going wide open. the picture above on the right is a single snorkle, this one is easy to build cast about 15 bucks also and will show much improvement over a stock Vin Y breather box. Right now I only have instructions on this site on building the single snorkle box but I will be putting up the dual snorkle instructions as soon as I get some better pictures! Scroll down for instructions.Arrow 

Thumbs up  To build the single snorkle box like the one on the top right of this page follow the directions following. all it takes is your stock box (if you do not have a Vin 9 dual snorkle), a 3 inch exhaust turndown pipe, some JB weld quick and some black flex tube that is used to go from breathers to fresh air, you can find all this at the auto parts store, just make sure the flex tube is large enough to fit over the turndown pipe. It makes more power because you cut off the restricted side of the stock boxes snorkle and thermatic, that snorkle gets way to small on the end for a 4 barrel carb to pull enough air, it pulls cold air because you hook some black flex hose from the turndown to the stock location right next to the radiator which pulls fresh air from the front of the radiator. I painted mine metalic gray and clear coated the whole thing including the turndown so I have a rust free finish.


Notice where I cut the stock boxes snorkle, rounded out the opening with my hand and used quick JB weld to hold the exhaust turndown while angling the turndown towards the driver's side of the radiator aimed at the location that the stock flex tube original runs to next to the radiator.


Notice how I removed the stock boxes air dam divider so that the air is directed right to the filter, just make sure you rotate your filter weekly and replace if it is paper monthly for best performance.


Make sure you use electrical tape or zip ties to hold the flex tube onto the turndown pipe tightly and connect the flex tube to the location that the stock tube went to on the driver's side of the radiator or find some other place as long as it's cold air and ENJOY!!! 

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Now to build a dual snorkle like the Now to build a dual snorkle like the one on the top left of this page  that will flow as good as a open element just follow the directions below. First you will need to visit "Home Depot" or any other houseware store, you will need to purchase one 4" Inches by 8' feet ducting, a set of tubes of "JB weld quick" (you know the stuff that drys in like 5 minutes not the JB weld that takes 24 hours) and two ducting collars. Look at the pictures below for examples of what they look like!

Collar is on top and ducting is on bottom

Notice the collar can be flexed into a oval

Lightbulb Now one thing to remember is if you still have the AIR tubes (going to the exhaust ports on the heads) in place then this breather box will not work for your car, the single snorkle instructions above might be better for you. Also some cars might not be as easy to find somewere to run this large ducting, I have my battery in the trunk and relocated my canister so I had plenty of room to run the ducting. Its best to plan this project out first before stepping into it.
 Now you want to take your stock box and remove the snorkle completely by drilling little holes in the tack welds that hold the snorkel on the box. After removing the factory snorkle then use a jig saw with a "thin steal blade" and cut out a oval shaped hole (same shape as the factory hole just larger) around the factory hole, make the hole just barely large enough to hold the collar firmly (remember the colar must be squezed on one end into an oval shape to slide into the hole). Also its best to keep the cut a good 3mm's away from the top and the bottom corner of the box so that the box wont become weak.
 After you finished this hole to a perfect fit then remove the collar and put the breather box on your car so you can figure out a good place to cut the hole out on the other side so that the ducting wont run into anything. After marking the area that is best for cutting the hole then take a large drill bit and drill in the middle of the area the hole will be cut, next put the jig blade into the drilled hole and start cutting the oval hole for the collar. Remember its best to keep the cut a good 3mm's away from the top and the bottom corner of the box.



 Now that you have the holes cut out to the size to fit the collars you need to JB weld the collars into place, Remember to use JB quick (the 5 minute stuff).
 Slide the collar into one of the holes just far enough that to stay fully seated, angle it correctly so that its faced not too far up or down. Mix a small amount of JB quick and apply the JB quick only on the outside of the box were it meets the collar (do not put the JB quick on the inside of the box you'll know why in a few) fully seal the collar to the box with the JB quick but only on the outside of the box, JB quick is strong so only a thin bead is needed to hold it tightly. After your done with one side let it dry alittle before oing the other side.
 After both sides have had at least 30 minutes to fully harden then take out a die grinder or a drill with a stone grinding wheel and grind the small amount of the collar that made it into the inside of the box (this is why you didnt want the JB quick on the inside of the box) Make it smooth and clean with the grinder. It will be hard to squeze the grinding wheel in the bottom corner so just bend the collars lip down on the bottom inside area of the box. Look at the pictures I provided to get a better idea.
 Now that the construction is done its time to clean and paint. Clean it good and allow to dry. I masked off the collars on the outside and inside of them for a clean look, notice on the pictures below how I masked the collars so that the JB quick got painted for a cleaner look. I like to use primer then paint for a thicker looking coat.
 After the paint drys put it on your car and take the 8 foot ducting, cut it in half and run the ducting. To make the ducting fit the collars just put your fingers on the inside of the ducting and pull to oval the end a bit. ALL DONE!





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